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Sexy Thigh Gap With CoolSculpting®

Sexy Thigh Gap with CoolSculpting®

As soon as swim season approaches, many of us start obsessing about the appearance of…

Say Goodbye To Saddlebags With CoolSculpting®

Say Goodbye to Saddlebags with CoolSculpting®

The outer thighs, or saddlebags as many of us affectionately call them, are a popular…

CoolSculpting: Surgical Vs Nonsurgical Liposuction, Know The Differences

CoolSculpting: Surgical vs Nonsurgical Liposuction, Know the Differences

Shedding fat via exercise is difficult enough - compounded by the fact that targeting specific…

The Best Prices For CoolSculpting® In LA And Santa Monica

The Best Prices for CoolSculpting® In LA and Santa Monica

The CoolSculpting Center of Excellence by PlatinumCare LA is well known in the Los Angeles…

Be Your Own Valentine And Treat Yourself To CoolSculpting®

Be Your Own Valentine and Treat Yourself to CoolSculpting®

Be Your Own Valentine and Treat Yourself to CoolSculpting® Whether you’re single, dating or married…

Why You Should Tighten Your Chin With CoolSculpting®

Why You Should Tighten Your Chin with CoolSculpting®

After months in the gym and healthy eating, it can be frustrating when you’re still…